Click below to donate to Seat of the Pants Productions

Seat of the Pants has produced great theater by budgeting conservatively, applying annually for grants, and occasionally raising money through crowdfunding platforms.


However, this season, we are growing and expanding exponentially:

  • We’re moving into new communities where space usage is no longer free.

  • We’re paying all of our actors for the first time.

  • We’re selecting contemporary scripts with more expensive performance rights.

  • We’re kicking off a series of play readings, free to the public.

  • We’re launching and expanding a new website.


And so, we’re turning to our loyal patrons, inviting you to partner with us through financial contributions that can make our aspirations a reality. For example:

  • $25 buys concessions for a single performance.

  • $80 pays royalties for a single performance.

  • $150 covers marketing materials for a single production.

  • $300 supplies a budget for sets, costumes, or lights.

  • $500 compensates a designer for his or her creative work.

  • $750 is the average cost for one of our actors.

  • $1500 covers the rental of our performance space.

  • $4000 launches and maintains our new website.

All gifts are tax-deductible, and you will receive a receipt at the end of the year to cite as you prepare your taxes for 2019. More importantly, you’ll be able to tangibly observe the results of your generosity as Seat of the Pants continues to produce even greater work in the coming year.